Client: Our Client is one of the leading service providers in the sector of tourism and hotel industry based on India and Indian subcontinent.

Objective: The objective of the valuation is to understand the intangible valuation of the organization and ultimately to leverage it by way of IP financing in different form by way of commercialization in the form of licensing and developing franchise model, technology transfer and/or to create and use the same as collateral security for obtaining additional financial facilities from bank and financial institutions.

Methodology: The valuation has been done for all the different IPs as a bundle of IP assets and IPRs by following the discounted cash flow method on the basis of the present operational result and the future projected net profit of the company by taking into consideration the business plan for expansion and future outlook of tourism industry in the country.

Solutions: As per the client’s requirements, ITAG provided it with detailed insights into the commercial aspects of the Indian tourism and hotel industry markets, laying particular emphasis on the areas of research mentioned by the client.

ITAG Advantage: The output provided by ITAG provided the client with a very good understanding of both the markets and helped it make suitable suggestions to its customers. The client was happy with ITAG and expressed a desire to engage ITAG again in the future. ITAG gives efficient advice to client as how it can commercialize their intellectual property rights.