Client: Our client is a reputed organization in the domain of Oil and Refinery Industry. Client was interested to license the patented technology to the related company of oil and refinery domain at global level.

* To assess the strength of the IP and the competing IP in the domain
* To identify market targeted by the IP based on IP centric parameters
* To identify licensing amount and royalty

Methodology: IP Landscape analysis was conducted to identify relevant IP in the domain. Intensive IP analysis, such as broadness of claims, details of office actions can help in identifying the share of the market that can be attributed to current technology.
* Active companies in the technology domain were identified as they can influence the market captured by the current players.
* Both these parameters have been factored in the risk assessment matrix while calculating the discount rate that can be offered.
* High confidence strategies and Legal, Commercial and Technology factors have been assessed with the understanding of how each factor interrelates with the others.

Solutions: ITAG delivered a detailed report that captured the client’s growth prospects of the patent indicating the factors such as growth in revenues and profits, break-even point, expected cash flows, pay back period, NPV and IRR.

ITAG Advantage: The output provided by ITAG provided the client with a very good understanding of both the markets and helped it make suitable suggestions to its customers. Pleased with ITAG’s rigorous research and work ethics, the client requested ITAG to conduct similar exercises for other patented technology.