Client: Our client is an India based company with a big portfolio in transport and logistic services in India as well as overseas market and also desired to expand its services in different parts of the world where company till date has not been reached to provide its transport and logistic services.

Client’s Requirement: The client was interested in increasing the scale of its transport and logistic services that it executed without incurring much fixed costs. Accordingly, the client wanted ITAG to value target companies using the client’s proprietary valuation model and provides key insights into the target company.
The purpose of the valuation is to understand the intangible valuation of the client and ultimately to leverage it by way of IP financing in different form by way of commercialization in the form of licensing and developing franchises model, technology transfer and/or to create and use the same as collateral security for obtaining additional financial facilities from bank and financial institutions. The client also wants to establish proper IP accounting and valuation systems with effective and efficient IP policy strategy and in order to establish the global brand equity in the long run by complying with international accounting standards.

Solution: The client has evolved an effective valuation model that require an advanced level of understanding of concept of finance, intellectual property and valuation. ITAG accordingly staffed a team of technical analyst, headed by senior Chartered Accountant and team of post-graduate level qualification in Finance having several years of experience in corporate valuation. The engagement started with the client conducting an exhaustive training on its internal practices such as company’s further expansion in the transport and logistic sectors and also projection of company financial structure.

ITAG Advantage:ITAG has had an ongoing engagement with the client for the past three years and always managed to provide top quality output in the valuation model for the client for different purposes.