There are four types of licensing viz. in-licensing, out-licensing (spin off), licensing through merger and cross-licensing.
* In-licensing means purchase or acquisition of intellectual property license from external business entity
* Out-licensing means selling the license or part of it to external organisation. Spinning-off a new IP from an existing IP can also be out-licensed.
* Licensing through merger means that when merger and acquisition takes place between two organisation which has complementary IP.
* Cross-licensing takes place between two organisation when they decide to share each other's IP for mutual benefits

For licensors, the benefits of licensing can include:

* lower costs and resource demands when entering new markets
* lower risks (e.g. of production etc)
* higher and more rapid sales through the use of a licensee’s established sales and distribution networks
* guaranteed minimum sales in some cases
* Solve situation of infringement

For licensees, the benefits of licensing can include:

* being able to use intellectual property manufacture which may otherwise be prevented from doing otherwise
* avoiding the need to engage in research and development or product improvement

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