Legally defined – a patent is a right to exclude others from manufacturing and selling a defined product, component or process niche. Financially defined – a patent is a right in future series of cash flow which may or may not materialize.
The term “patent value” can refer to the “private” value of the patent to the holder of the patent title, but also to the social value, i.e. its contribution to society’s stock of technology. It is important for the design and interpretation of patent indicators to have value issues in mind. It provides an overview of specific indicators of patent value. Valuing patents prepares inventors for negotiations. The valuation will indicate where the patent’s strength and weaknesses lie. Thus, companies have a better idea where to invest their resources in strengthening their technologies and patents, and therefore enhancing their negotiating positions.

Why Patent valuation is necessary?
It plays an important role on decision concerning

• patenting strategies
• country selection for registration of IPR
• help the organization to identify weakness such as ownership uncertainties
• help in tax planning decision
• how patent can be used in market environment for example by competitors, customers , partners and suppliers
• Competition, barriers to entry and risks associated with the patent(s)
• Product life cycles and positioning
• Historical growth and prospects for the future
• Alternative uses for the patent(s)
• Cost of litigation
• Synergy with other patents and other risks
• Earnings capacity and profitability relating to the patent(s)

Why choose ITAG Business Solutions Ltd for the purpose of valuation of Patent?
Our Company is best company for the purpose of valuation of Patent due to following reasons:

• Our approach begins by working closely with Co’s management team to gain a full understanding of Co’s technology and financial projection.
• Investigating and analyzing Co’s technology allow us to compare it to similar technology within industry.
• We begin with detailed analysis of future financial prospects for technology.
• Our financial analysis includes development of all assumptions and valuation models necessary to determine fair market value of patent.
• Our experienced professionals rely on close working relationship with client when performing valuation of patent.
• We give efficient advice to client as to how it can commercialize their patent right
• We will work with you in providing the most defensible assessment of value for your patents.
• We offer valuations of patents for clients in a variety of industries. Our experienced and trusted opinions and methodologies have been used in providing litigation support, financing, book and tax reporting, and for intercompany technology transfers.
• Our patent valuation service aims to provide a complete appraisal of your patent portfolio by focusing on status, ownership, patentability, scope and enforcement.