Technology Valuation by ITAG Business Solutions Ltd.


Name of the Technology:

1.    Multi Riser Resid catalytic cracking apparatus with catalyst and adsorbent
       regenerators and a process thereof
2.    A Catalyst Composition for Trans-esterification of Organically/Naturally
       Derived Oils and Fats to Produce Alkyl Esters and Process for Preparing
       the Same
3.    High Performance Gearbox Lubricant with Enhanced Drain Potential for
       Heavy Duty Commercial Vehicles
4.    Process for Debottlenecking Low Pressure (LP) Section of Hydrocrackers
       with Enhanced LPG Recovery
5.    Two stage fluid catalytic cracking process and an apparatus therefore
6.    Upflow regeneration of FCC catalyst for multi stage cracking
7.    Composition of High Performance Semi-synthetic, Bio-stable and
       Operator Friendly Soluble Cutting Oil
8.    High Performance Multipurpose Oil Composition for Hydraulic Cum
       Cutting Applications
9.    A Process and Apparatus for Simultaneous Conversion of Lighter and
       Heavier Hydrocarbon Feedstocks into Improved Yields of Light Olefins,
       Liquid Aromatics and Other Useful Products
10.  Composition of Oil for High Speed Thin and Thick Gauge Steel Sheet
        Rolling In Tandem Mills
11.  Carrier Oil Composition for Spray of Fungicides on Rubber Plantation and
        Other Crops
12.  An Apparatus for Combustion of Gaseous Fuel.
13.  Composition of an Agricultural Spray Oil
14.  Apparatus and Process for Gas to Liquid (GTL) Conversion
15.  Value added spent fluid catalytic cracking catalyst composition and a
        process for preparation thereof.