Technology Transfer


Technology Transfer also referred as tech transfer; is a process of establishment for the commercialization of technological inventions or innovations originating in universities, non-profit laboratories, Government etc. Technology transfer involves the transfer of IP of organization responsible for developing it, through negotiating the transfer of the commercialization rights of that technology to a business entity (typically a for-profit company or university) through a licensing agreement. The business arrangements related to tech transfer agreements can widely vary, but generally involve the company obtaining the commercialization rights paying the developer or owner of the intellectual property (the inventing organization) some combination of up-front license fees, royalties, and/or partial equity ownership in the commercializing company.

          Important Agrements of Technology Transfer:


Why Choose ITAG For Technology Transfer:

To effectively transfer technologies to the market so as to generate benefits for the University, the COMPANIES and the general public.

What We Do:
Our tech transfer team offers a full set of services to ensure effective technology transfer:

* Disclosure Facilitation
* Patenting and Other Protections
* Start-up Assistance
* Licensing
* Legal Support
* Decision Support

ITAG delivers full services to maximize productivity and reduce time-to-market through technology due diligence, intellectual property analysis, technology transfer and commercialization, market readiness assessment and strategic advisory services.